Silver Grey Granite Setts (Finished top face only)

Silver Grey granite setts are a great-looking salt-and-pepper style mix of black and white granules. Silver grey granite is our most popular colour, and is often combined with black granite to create contrast. Silver grey granite setts are extremely versatile and work well when combined with most other granite colours and styles.

Please note that due to the nature of granite setts all sizes stated are nominal, and that all measurements are in millimetres.

Setts with just a Finished top are the most economical option if you require a flatter surface face. Available finishes for the top face of the granite setts or cobbles include Bush-hammered, Sandblasted or just Sawn. The Bush-hammered or Sandblasted finishes would be the best for external use, adding texture but still keeping the low variance surface. The remaining faces would be naturally split.

What size should you choose?

Our most popular range for a residential project is the 100x100x50mm and for projects which include heavy traffic such as roadways, then the 100x100x100mm Granite Sett is our recommendation.

Colour variations

Click Here to see detailed photos of the colour variations of granite when wet and dry.

Please choose a size:

Due to the nature of the product, all of the declared dimensions of the NATURAL SPLIT finish have tolerances of 10mm. For example, a 100x100x100mm cobbles will have sides measuring between 90-110mm.

Prices for other sizes and finishes are available upon application. Please click here.

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The declared meterage for the naturally split setts and cobbles are only to be used as a guideline. All crates are quantified by weight with each totalling 1 tonne.

Take a look at our gallery to see how some of our customers have used our granite and get an idea of how your granite might look once laid. GALLERY

Click Here to view our specification page where you can see the individual characteristics for each colour granite.

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