Learn how we at Granite Setts UK obtain our superb range
of granite products

Watch our video to see some of the granite cutting in process.

Get better understanding of the production of naturally split granite.

At granite setts uk we take sustainability issues very seriously

We firmly understand the needs for sustainability, and our responsibilities towards this issue. We understand that imported stone products have a role in this. Natural stone paving has long-lasting benefits because the stone is likely to remain in use for decades, especially when compared to material such as concrete paving which typically requires repair and replacement on a regular basis.

To learn more about the way we acquire our stone, please call Granite Setts UK on 0800 246 1212 or email us at sales@granitesettsuk.co.uk.

Free samples
of our granite

FREE samples to help you choose the right granite setts, cobbles, tiles or kerbs for your project.
If you’re unsure about the type of finish that will suit your home or commercial premises, then here at Granite Setts UK we can provide for you a free sample pack. Make your choice from the variety of colours and finishes we offer and we’ll send you a small sample for FREE.