The granite setts that we provide come with a either a natural or textured finish, and are sourced ethically from our quarry in Portugal.

Our materials are guaranteed to leave you with a great-looking driveway, pavement, road or external paving that will really stand the test of time.

Granite setts are a quarried stone that were traditionally used for paving roads. They are now a popular choice for a number of different applications, including driveways, paving, path edging and for many aspects of landscape architecture.

Our granite setts will enable you to capture the traditional charm of granite, and to bring a little bit of history to your home or commercial property. Granite Setts UK can help you achieve something that looks traditional but that is resistant enough to bear the pressure of modern traffic.

What size should you choose?

Our most popular range size of Granite Sett for a residential project is the 100x100x50mm these are used in over 90% of applications and, due to the volume of production; they are also the most cost effective option. For projects which include heavy traffic, such as roadways, then the 100x100x100mm Granite Sett is our recommendation.

Due to the nature of the product, natural split granite has working tolerances of up to 10%

We can supply granite setts in the following colours:
from £27.66 per sq m (inc. VAT)

Silver Grey granite setts are a great-looking salt-and-pepper style mix of black and white granules. Silver grey granite is our most popular colour, and is often combined with black granite to create contrast. Silver grey granite setts are extremely versatile and work well when combined with most other granite colours and styles.

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from £32.52 per sq m (inc. VAT)

For a light texture and appearance, Pink Granite setts certainly create an airy and warm feel, particularly when combined with darker hues. With the highest detrition resistance and flexural strength, pink granite is an excellent choice in areas of high traffic.

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from £28.20 per sq m (inc. VAT)

For a more striking visual appearance, Yellow Gold granite setts give a pleasant variation in colour. Yellow Gold works well on its own and in combination with other colours. They have become a popular choice with our customers, particularly those who want a path or driveway that looks gives the “wow” factor.

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from £33.19 per sq m (inc. VAT)

Dark Grey granite setts are ideal for paths, edgings and driveways. They are uniform and are a satisfying dark grey in colour. They are also very hard-working, and will last decades before they need replacing, if at all.

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from £39.65 per sq m (inc. VAT)

Black Stone Granite gives the appearance of a dark charcoal stone when dry, and a jet black colour when wet. These granite setts are also hard wearing, and are ideal for use in for both traditional and contemporary applications, such as paths, driveways, edgings and even patios. They also combine well with black granite tiles to create something truly stunning. Black Stone Granite setts are ideal for both residential and commercial properties.

Please note, Black Stone Granite is a rarer stone and therefore has a longer lead time.

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from £29.86 per sq m (inc. VAT)

Fine Grain granite setts are high-quality setts that are created from a finer grit, creating a slightly ‘flamed’ surface appearance. This granite is often used in patios for its stylish and contemporary appearance

Please note, Fine Grain Granite is a rarer stone and therefore has a longer lead time.

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